Top baby skin care tips

Top baby skin care tips

Babies skin is known for being soft and smooth. The skin is not always this way and a parent has to make sure they are taking care of this skin. The skin of the baby is delicate, and a parent needs to take measure to care for this sensitive skin. There are skin care products such as Australian all natural skin care products. These products are made with ingredients that are free from chemicals and additives l and does not contain anything that can harm the skin. This includes chemicals, dyes, and other artificial products. Sometime it is very easy to find all the natural and organic ingredients in a cream that you could apply and forget. Many new companies have come up with all organic and natural skincare products, like the one just recently popped up in my searches Australia All Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care

The skin of a new baby is designed to be wrinkly and has a covering known as vernix to protect the skin. It will slowly come off of the baby. There is no need to remove this covering as it will come off on its own. When the covering does cover off all natural products should be used to protect the sensitive skin. Natural skin care products should be used. Australian all natural skin care is all natural. They will address the sensitive skin care needs of the baby without being irritating. They have all Earth made ingredients and products that are designed to be safe. Only a little bit of this cream is needed and it will go a long way in protecting the skin of the baby. This cream without additives is important because babies have sensitive skin and it is important to protect them from allergies as well as rashes. This will help the skin stay hydrated without causing harm to the baby.

Do Not Bathe Often

Parents may want to bath their child often. They want to make sure they are clean and get that baby fresh smell. It is recommended to bathe the child no more than 3 times a week. If the baby is giving a bath more often than this their skin will be stripped of natural oils. The skin will be dry and will be unprotected. If a baby has eczema it will make their condition even worse. The baby does not need daily cleaning as their hygiene needs are much different than that of older children and adults. Besides dirty diapers, babies do not get dirty, a sponge bath is enough to keep the baby clean as well as wiping the baby during a diaper change. Babies with dark skin tones and those that are African American only needs to be bathed once a week. Babies with darker tones often have dryer skin and they do not need their natural oils striped.

Avoid Scents

While parents may want to use scent products, they should avoid using products with a strong smell. Only l products should be used. Products that have scents can irritate the delicate skin of the baby. Only fresh and pure products smell fine and will allow the baby to remain clean. The baby will still have a fresh smell without added fragrance.

Rinse with Clear Water

When bathing the baby after cleaning them with a chemical free cleaning product designed for babies, it is best to rinse them with clear water. Tap water is fine. The water should not have any additives as it can lead to further irritation. Suds and other forms of bubble bath can lead to urinary tract infections which can be very painful for both boys and girls.

Wash the Clothing

Before putting clothing on the baby wash the clothes. This includes washing clothing that was purchased in a store. There are special laundry detergents that are designed for use with babies. These detergents are free of dyes and they are free from fragrances as well. Other items such as bedding, and blankets should also be washed with this special detergent. All of the items that are used for the baby should be washed separately from other family clothing.

Preventing Dry Skin

The skin of a baby can dry out very easily. There are some things that can be done to prevent babies from getting dry skin. If the baby has dry skin, to begin with, there are gentle and natural skin care products that are designed to help prevent the dry skin of the baby. The baby should wear only cotton clothing as it is soft enough for their sensitive skin. If the baby has eczema than there are chemical free creams that can be used for this as well.

Soothing Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is often caused by wetness from a soiled diaper. To help prevent diaper rash the diaper should be checked often and changed as soon as soiled. This will help keep the wetness off of the skin. A fragrance-free cleaner can be used to wash the area where the diaper was resting. The baby should be carefully dried. Pat the skin and allow the skin to fully dry before putting another diaper back on. Petroleum jelly can be used to add a protective layer to the skin.

A Calming Touch

A calming touch can do a lot of good for the skin of the baby. A massage is good for the skin and will also give the newborn the loving touch that they need. Massages are like cuddling and are a way to show affection for the baby and to help their skin as well. According to research, touch has a big impact on the body. Touch is able to release hormones that are needed for growth, help boost the immune system, and will help the baby fight off illnesses. Babies that are massaged often are calmer, have a better sleep schedule, and will even cry less. This will also allow blood to circulate throughout the body. This will help the skin become softer and soother. These are some skin care tips to help a baby with their sensitive skin. When caring for the baby, chemical free products should be used that is free of dyes and fragrances. This will allow the creams to add moisture to the skin and will not irritate the delicate skin of a baby.